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Bandar Sri Begwan

Vibrant, yet peaceful. Both modern and timeless. A fusion of majestic opulence and traditional respect.

Bandar Seri Begawan is the centre of Bruneiís commerce, finance and government. In many ways, it is also the heart of Bruneiís cultural landscape, housing some of the nationís most revered landmarks. The cityís breathtaking Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque is a stunning tribute to the nationís deep-rooted faith, while the truly Bruneian Kampong Ayer water village offers a glimpse of the nationís quaint Asian charm.

Beneath Bandar Seri Begawanís lavish adornments, gold towers, sparkling fountains and colorful mosaic tiles, lies a city steeped in quiet respect, grounded in Islamic tradition, and exuding a sense of peace that makes it one of Asiaís most distinctive capital cities.

Hotels in Bandar Sri Begwan

  • Grand City Hotel Bandar Sri Begawan
  • Jubilee Hotel Brunei Bandar Sri Begawan
  • Traders Inn Bandar Sri Begawan
  • Abdul Razak Hotel Appatments Bandar Sri Begawan
  • Terrace Hotel Bandar Sri Begawan
  • Tours of Bandar Sri Begwan

    Photo Tour oF Bandar Sri Begwan

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